Builtfirst Announces SOC 2 Compliance!

Aaron Bailey
September 21, 2023
Read more about an announcement from Aaron Bailey, talking about our SOC 2 certification.

Builtfirst is Now SOC 2 Compliant: A Message from Our CEO

Dear Builtfirst Community,

I am thrilled to announce that Builtfirst has achieved SOC 2 compliance, underscoring our unwavering commitment to data security and the protection of our customer information.

Why SOC 2 Matters to Builtfirst

At Builtfirst, we've set our sights on creating a market-leading embeddable partner marketplace solution. Serving some of the world's most prominent businesses, it's paramount for us to prioritize information security. 

Achieving SOC 2 certification is not just a badge for us but a testament to our dedication to improving our security posture and our commitment to earning and maintaining our customers' trust.

Our Journey to SOC 2 Compliance in Brief

Partnership with Experts: We collaborated with Advantage Partners, whose expertise was instrumental in guiding us through the compliance process.

Audit & Evaluation: With Advantage Partners at the helm, we underwent a comprehensive audit, ensuring our controls met the highest standards.

Continuous Improvement: With our controls now firmly in place, we're committed to making security a top priority, ensuring that subsequent SOC 2 audits and other security measures will be even more robust.

Key Takeaways from Our Journey

Security Over Compliance: While compliance is essential, our primary focus is on enhancing our security infrastructure, not just ticking boxes.

Early Action is Crucial: Implementing policies and secure procedures early on is foundational for a successful security program.

The Right Partners Make All the Difference: Our partnership with Advantage Partners was invaluable, emphasizing the importance of collaborating with experts in the field.

In conclusion, this SOC 2 certification is a significant milestone for us at Builtfirst. 

It's a reflection of our commitment to security, trust, and excellence. 

I want to assure our customers, both current and future, that your trust is paramount to us. We will continue to take every step necessary to ensure the safety and security of your data.


Aaron Bailey

CEO, Builtfirst