Overcoming Doubts: Michael Julve’s Personal Experience as a Founder

Aaron Bailey
Builtfirst Co-Founder Michael Julve shared his journey on the Entrepreneur Magazine podcast, discussing his background, leadership style, focus on diversity and inclusion, and advice for fellow founders on mentorship, networking, investment, and mental health.

Michael Julve, Co-Founder of Builtfirst and an advocate for underrepresented founders, recently shared his founder story with Entrepreneur Magazine. From growing up in a small New Jersey town to serving in the Marine Corps and finally starting Builtfirst, you can hear his inspiring story on the Entrepreneur Magazine podcast.

At 18 years old, Michael enlisted in the Marine Corps and never considered entrepreneurship a potential career path. He shares how his military background has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey, especially when managing unpredictable situations. He reflects on his time in college developing a short-lived peer-to-peer social marketplace and how that experience motivated him to pursue entrepreneurship and develop his passion for it.

During the podcast, Michael discusses his leadership style, as well as his personal doubts about building successful companies. The episode also offers valuable advice for founders on topics such as mentorship, networking, investment, and mental health.

  • Tip 1: Create your startup in a space where you have a community and know people already. It'll make everything easier in the future.
  • Tip 2: Be good to yourself. Life's hard enough as is. You don't need to kick your own butt.  
  • Tip 3: Be careful what narratives you are feeding into. They'll begin to define who you are. 
  • Tip 4: Learn to manifest somewhere in your mind where you're at peace. That place will come in handy when you are up and running.  

Michael has faced challenges and gained a unique perspective on leadership and entrepreneurship through his upbringing in small-town New Jersey and his service in the Marine Corps. He advocates for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and is committed to supporting underrepresented founders. Michael advises aspiring entrepreneurs to persist and prioritize building a team that shares their values and vision.

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