Globalfy achieved an over 80% marketplace adoption rate with 294+ purchases initiated by customers.

About Globalfy

Globalfy is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify US business setup and management for foreign entrepreneurs.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Globalfy offers an all-in-one solution encompassing banking, legal guidance, and administrative support.  Their streamlined three-tier pricing structure (Start, Essential, and Scale) allows companies to choose the level of assistance they need, from basic setup to ongoing operational support.  By leveraging a user-friendly platform and a team of experts, Globalfy empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to expand into the US market with confidence.

HQ Location: Orlando, Florida


Industry: Financial Services


Prior to implementing a partnership marketplace, Globalfy faced several hurdles:

  • Limited Resources: In the early stages of growth, Globalfy lacked the resources to dedicate a full team to building partnerships. Their primary focus was on product development and user acquisition.
  • High Time-to-Value: Globalfy's core service (US business setup) has a longer time-to-value, which can make it challenging to convince potential customers of its long-term benefits.
  • Value Proposition Gap: While Globalfy offered valuable services, they lacked a readily apparent quick-win for potential customers hesitant about a longer onboarding process.


Globalfy partnered with Builtfirst, a sponsorship management platform, to address these challenges and enhance their value proposition.  Builtfirst provided a curated marketplace featuring special offers and discounts from relevant business tools and service providers.  This partnership addressed Globalfy's needs in several ways:

  • Increased Value Add: The Builtfirst marketplace offered immediate value to users, with access to special deals and discounts on complementary business tools. This provided a quicker time-to-value and helped to overcome initial purchase hesitation. Also, an ability to share limited time offer access to generate more leads.
  • Enhanced Sales Tool: The marketplace became a powerful sales tool for Globalfy. Sales representatives could highlight the cost-saving potential of the marketplace offerings, demonstrating the platform's ability to offset the cost of Globalfy's services within a short timeframe.
  • Network Building: The platform fostered connections between Globalfy and other relevant businesses in the startup ecosystem, potentially leading to future strategic partnerships.

By integrating the Builtfirst marketplace, Globalfy has thrived:

  • Increased User Engagement: Over 80% of Globalfy users leverage the marketplace, demonstrating its value proposition and contributing to a more comprehensive user experience.
  • Reduced Sales Friction: The ability to showcase immediate cost savings through marketplace discounts has helped Globalfy overcome customer hesitation and close more deals.
  • Sustainable Revenue Stream: The marketplace provides Globalfy with a potential revenue stream through charging customers to access.
"It's been one of our best closing points to get users on the fence over the line. Our product really has a 30-45 day time to value, whereas the marketplace is a much quicker time to value. I think that mix of quicker and longer time to value flows has been really helpful in our self-serve flow"
Diego Sampaio

Founder & CEO, Globalfy

Looking Forward

Globalfy's success with Builtfirst highlights the ability to enhance a platform's value proposition.  By offering a combination of long-term strategic support and immediate value through a curated marketplace, Globalfy empowers foreign entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of US market entry with greater confidence and efficiency.  There's potential for companies with longer time-to-value to benefit from the Builtfirst's self-serve and quick ROI platform.

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