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Automated and helped level up our perk partnerships

Automated and helped level up our perk partnerships

Olivia O’Sullivan

Director, Corporate Innovation & Partnerships
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My favorite thing has to be the dashboard which gives me great insights.

My favorite thing has to be the dashboard which gives me great insights.

Sam Gelt

Operations & Communications Manager
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Innovative Partners

Builtfirst is the go to perk management solution across all the top global founder communities

Why Partners Love Builtfirst

Make Your
Capital Go Further

Ensure your portfolio is maximizing runway by offering provider discounts as a benefit.

Onboard for free!

Make Your
Capital Go Further | Why Partners Love Builtfirst

Automate Perkbook

Providers keep deals up to date directly on the platform. Leave the management to us. We’ll ensure your founders get the best price on software.

Automate Perkbook
Management | Why Partners Love Builtfirst


Track which providers are redeemed the most and get a pulse of the savings across your portfolio.

Actionable Redemption Analytics | Why Partners Love Builtfirst

Choose From Our Extensive Provider Library

Choose which software to promote from our library of 150+ vendors.

Choose From Our Extensive Provider Library | BuiltFirst


How much does Builtfirst cost?

It’s free for founders. Partners like VCs, Accelerators, founder communities, etc. can join and offer public perks to their community for free.

We have paid plans for partners that want to access to the full vendor library, white-label their portal, have a dedicated domain, or embed the offers directly into their platform. Reach out to aaron@builtfirst.com to learn more!

My portfolio companies share offers with our other portfolio companies. Is it possible to get these offers on Builtfirst?

Yes, definitely!

You’ll be able to on-board up to 12 offers. That includes your current vendors, service providers, and portfolio companies.

I have a partnership team. I see how this helps smaller funds, but why does it matter to us? How does it help our partnership revenue?

We view our platform as augmenting and streamlining your partnership workflows. Your team can take advantage of the new provider relationships we onboard every week. No more email back and forths to onboard a discount or change out links.

Additionally, your team will help you gain insight through your analytics dashboard to see what providers are being redeemed, how much money your founders have saved, and what the most common tech stacks are cross-portfolio.

I have a Notion/Wordpress/internal platform where we host all our resources. How can we embed Builtfirst there?

Yes! We have a white-labelled embeddable version of Builtfirst to host wherever you’d like.

Interested? Contact sean@builtfirst.com!