How to Get Software Discounts for Startup Founders

Daniel Threlfall
October 6, 2021

Startups need software. And startups need discounts on that software. Here’s a simple guide to get software discounts for your startup:

Sign up as a founder with Builtfirst.

By joining Builtfirst, you get access to a massive library of founder discounts. Builtfirst is 100% free for founders. 

For example, nearly every tech company uses Slack for office communication and team collaboration. With Builtfirst, founders are saving around $4,000 on Slack. Insane.

What about Zoom? Same. Business founders qualify for 20% off, racking up an easy $150 in savings each month. 

Those sums add up.

Quickbooks? 50% off for three months. 

Hubspot? A whopping 90% off. 

We’ve got a discount for Brex, a discount for Twilio, a discount for Stripe, a discount for Airtable. You name it, we’ve got it. 

All startup founders have access to 95 of the hottest tools used by startups. If you’re part of a founder group or incubator, you get access to even more perks and discounts. 

In other words, you pay nothing to join Builtfirst but you get enormous discounts. It’s basically free money. 

Provide Additional Profile Information on Builtfirst

You can unlock more offers by completing your profile on Builtfirst. 

Basic questions like industry, founding year, your website, etc., will help Builtfirst tailor more offers for your business. 

Once again, it’s totally free and face-palmingly simple. 

Join a Founder Community

Joining a founder group is one of the best ways to survive in the soul-crushing, couch-surfing, ramen-famine days of starting a business. 

It’s not a luxury. It’s not a waste of time. It’s essential.

Look, you’re going to get lonely. And, while I’m not your shrink, I will say that being lonely kind of sucks and you may want to be not lonely. 

Join a group. 

What group? 

Here are a few options: 




SaaS Founders Club

Founders Network

The 10X Factory

No Code Founders

Founders Beta

Future Founders

Latka SaaS Hackers

Do you need to occasionally go to Ibiza, drink shots, be a 20-something, and act like a cool extrovert. No. This isn’t the show Silicon Valley. 

It’s real people supporting real people. 

So, some of these founder groups cost money to join. It’s not a scam. It’s invaluable. 

Others are tailored towards specific types of startups — fintech, energy, bio, etc. 

Also — and this is a pretty obvious one — there are Facebook groups, Reddit threads, and LinkedIn groups aplenty where you can find a tribe and get inspo. 

The reason why I’m pretty passionate about you joining a group isn’t just for existential therapeutic reasons. 

When you join groups that are also connected with Builfirst, you get even more savings on software. Which is kind of the point of this article. 

Join a community. Get software discounts. 

Joining communities unlock massive perks that have been curated and carefully structured by the community managers. 

Reach out and touch someone. (Unless Covid is still ravaging the globe, in which case get rocking on Zoom.)

Apply with a venture fund, seed accelerator, or startup incubator. 

If you’re open to accepting funding, then your funding group will give you even more software discounts. 

My, my. Software discounts everywhere. 

Accelerators like 500 Startups, YCombinator, AngelPad, Techstars don’t accept just anyone with an idea and some verve. And, obviously, they aren’t “free.” 

Depending on the amount of assets under management, they will fund your company, own a percentage, and you get pre-money valuation. 

The perks of joining an accelerator are pretty good, though, depending on who you go with. 

Just ask for a software discount. 

If you follow the sage advice I’ve dispensed above, you should be rocking some pretty sweet software discounts.

But if there’s a tool that you really want and you haven’t been able to find a discount, get on the phone or live chat with them and ask them. 

Having been in the SaaS space for more than a decade, I know that nearly every company does have some predefined discount for people who ask. Sometimes, they want you to validate your startup status or something, but you can usually whack off 20-25% or even more just for asking.


Okay, just one thing you need to do now that you’ve scrolled to the end. 

Join Builtfirst.

Whether you’re a founder, a partner, or even a vendor, let’s get this party started.

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