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Builtfirst provides an infrastructure where VCs, community managers, or accelerators can provide SaaS and service recommendations to their community.

Previous to Builtfirst, community managers were creating ecosystem infrastructures using a slow and tedious process, inefficient at best. In addition, the clumsy portals that they created were hard for their portfolio companies to navigate and, most importantly, to find great deals.

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Solving a Problem.
Meeting a Need.
Empowering Founders.

Builtfirst solves this problem with a no-code infrastructure that anyone can use to create a SaaS directory or marketplace for their community. Originally conceived of as a solution for Venture Capital firms and their portfolio companies, Builtfirst can power any community buying solution.

With its seamless integration and powerful customization, Builtfirst is the go-to solution for any organization who wants to create offerings, promotions, perks, or discounts to their community.

It’s more than a product.
It’s a mission.

Simply put, Builtfirst makes it easier for founders to start businesses.

From day one, Builtfirst’s founders have been motivated by a passion to lower the barrier of entry for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners — saving them money, time, and effort on the tools that they need.

Having saved founders millions and counting, Builtfirst has only just begun.

The way that entrepreneurs start businesses has changed. It’s no longer enough to have a great idea and the get-up-and-go to make it happen. There are tools to purchase, software to obtain, knowledge to gain, and often a significant financial barrier.

Builtfirst has allowed more entrepreneurs to enter the arena and bring their products and services to market.

By giving more founders greater opportunities, Builtfirst is pursuing increased economic mobility for people all over the world.

Community based marketplaces made easy

Community based marketplaces made easy